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XinZhongwei successfully participated in the 130th Canton Fair

From October 15 to 19, 2021, the 130th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) was grandly held in Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Xin Zhongwei participated in online Canton Fair for the first time

The 127th Canton Fair, which lasted 10 days, has come to an end. Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Guangzhou Trade Fair has been moving onto the cloud for the first time in 63 years. Through the 10X24 hour all day long online trade platform, the enterprise has launched personalized marketing, promoting online, providing docking and online negotiations, and has made a timely rain for the foreign trade enterprises and the global buyers who are deeply affected by the epidemic.   As a senior brand exhibitor of Guangzhou Fair, Foshan Xin Zhongwei economic and Trade Co., Ltd. has been carrying out preparations since more than a month ago. From selecting hot-selling products, photographing company promotional films, product pictures and micro videos, to adding live broadcast equipment, training anchors, etc., it keeps innovating and improving with full enthusiasm to meet global visitors online in the best condition. Through 10 days and 24 hours in the cloud exhibition hall to display product pictures, videos, 3D technology and the combination of online live broadcast and cyclic broadcast mode, the best products are displayed in all directions and in multiple dimensions. 3D design provides buyers with an immersive visual experience. The live broadcast of different product themes at different times in the morning, afternoon and evening every day attracts many overseas and domestic purchasers from Venezuela, the United States, India, Canada and other countries. Enquiries have poured in from the "cloud", and a number of cooperation intentions have been reached.   The hot-selling products in XinZhongWei cloud exhibition hall are mainly rock plate, large plate, ceramic mosaic, fancy art brick and other products, which include the current popular elements of simple home decoration and fashion and retro style. Among them, the new rock plate products introduced by the company have attracted customers' attention with the selling point of health, environmental protection and durability. Effect picture of fashionable and atmospheric rock plate series products. The picture shows the chairman of the company, the general manager and the staff of the live broadcasting group in front of the live broadcasting room.   The 127th online Canton Fair has come to a successful end. Under the epidemic, China's foreign trade, which has changed with the trend and stepped on the "cloud", once again shows its resilience and strength to the world. While harvesting orders, XinZhongwei company constantly sums up experience, promotes the transformation and upgrading of marketing mode by using the advantages of new media communication, and develops new ideas for foreign trade development combining with "online and offline". The effect picture of rock plate series products of atmosphere.

Participated in the 126th Canton Fair successfully

From October 15 to 19, 2019. The first phase of the 126th China import and export fair was held in pazhou international convention and exhibition center.As a well-known building materials enterprise, XINZHONGWEI has participated in the Canton fair for 18 consecutive years, and the super lock PVC floor exhibited for the first time is very popular, even customers sign contracts on the spot.   Since its first participation in the Canton fair in 2001, XINZHONGWEI has been present at the fair for 18 consecutive years to showcase the new image of China's powerful national enterprises to the world.This year's Canton fair, XINZHONGWEI carefully prepared super lock PVC floor, traditional tile and Mosaic three series of products.   It is reported that most of the new listed ceramic products high content of science and technology, high added value, with unique modeling, exquisite texture, luxury and elegant, cost-effective multiple competitive advantages, attracted the attention of many customers.The super lock PVC floor exhibited for the first time, with its innovative concept and unique super lock patent design, attracted many inquiries from customers at home and abroad and became a highlight of the Canton fair.