The 135th Canton Fair has concluded successfully

April 28 , 2024
  • Order popularity double harvest, XinZhongWei participated in the 135 Canton Fair Concludes Successfully 

"See you tomorrow", the Malaysian customer waved his hand and walked out of the booth with satisfaction. This is the booth site of XinZhongWei at the Canton Fair at 2:40 PM on April 27, 2024, although the surrounding building materials booth has been gradually withdrawn, the XinZhongWei  booth is still brightly lit, and there are customers coming to negotiate, and there are return customers to agree on the time to visit the company. At 4:20 p.m., after sending off the last North American customer, XinZhongWei  participated in the 135th Canton Fair successfully and achieved a double harvest of order popularity.


Close the deal on the first day of exhibition

From April 23 to 27, 2024, the second phase of the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held at Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a well-known brand enterprise in Foshan, XinZhongWei Company has appeared in the Canton Fair for 19 consecutive years. Although the weather is not satisfactory, but the storm did not stop the enthusiasm of overseas buyers, XinZhongWei exhibition of WPC grille and bamboo and wood fiber wallboard is favored by customers, many customers order on the spot.


(On site at the Xin ZhongWei booth, customers continue to stream in)

According to statistics, the current Canton Fair overseas buyers increased by more than 20% over the previous session. XinZhongWei  booth site of domestic and foreign merchants in an endless stream, guests and friends. At the scene, overseas buyers showed a strong willingness to place orders, the negotiation atmosphere was very active, and a deal was reached on the first day of the exhibition, achieving a "good start" of the Canton Fair and achieving far more than expected results. The 800 brochures prepared by the XinZhongWei original were all taken by customers on the second day of the exhibition, and 500 copies had to be printed overnight to meet the needs of customers. Not only that, the XinZhongWei  harvested a large number of customer lists at the exhibition, the relevant person in charge of the company said that the next stage of the company will carefully sort out the inquiry customer list, and make every effort to receive a good batch of visitors, looking forward to reaching more cooperation.


New materials received high praise

At this exhibition, XinZhongWei  has launched two new environmentally friendly wall decoration materials - bamboo and wood fiber wall panels and WPC grille panels. These two new materials have won praise from customers for their innovative design and high quality.

It is understood that the bamboo and wood fiber wall panel substrate exhibited this time is made of medical grade polyethylene high polymer plastic resin and bamboo and wood fibers, which are foamed and mixed at high temperatures, and then machine extruded into shape. The product has no odor, and has advantages such as moisture and mold resistance, insect and termite resistance, and convenient installation. It can be installed directly as a blank, and can be moved in after renovation and renovation. WPC grille panels can also finely control the color, specifications, and other aspects of the product according to customer needs, achieving on-demand customization, replacing solid wood panels, and reducing consumer usage costs.


(Wall panel effect drawing)

In addition, the LVT plastic flooring and SPC stone plastic flooring on display in the XinZhongWei are equally popular. Its main raw material polyvinyl chloride, tested does not contain any radioactive elements, belongs to the green environmental protection of the new floor decoration material. The floor thickness is only 2-3mm, the weight of each square meter is only 2-3KG, with mildew, moisture, fire, insect protection, simple installation and many other advantages, diverse styles, very suitable for personalized combination.



The 5-day exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, and old friends and new customers from all over the world have come and returned with a full load. Through the Canton Fair platform, XinZhongWei Company has once again demonstrated its own brand strength and unique charm of environmentally friendly products, providing customers worldwide with competitive and high-quality products with stable quality. With the strong support of new and old customers, the "circle of friends" of the XinZhongWei  enterprise, which has been deeply cultivated for 30 years, will become increasingly broad.



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