• Visual renderings

    To help you see the end result visually, we've provided detailed interior design renderings that show how our products look in a variety of Settings. These renderings allow you to assess how different flooring options will look in your space, facilitating project decisions and ensuring you make the right choice.

  • Custom pattern

    We understand that certain projects require unique and personalized patterns. Our OEM services allow you to customize the patterns and designs of SPC/LVT flooring and WPC siding to match your project vision. Our highly skilled design team can work closely with you to create custom patterns that reflect your brand or project theme.

  • Wide design range

    We can offer a variety of patterns, colors and textures to suit different design preferences. Whether you're looking for a classic wood look or a modern, minimalist design, we have what it takes to meet your specific aesthetic requirements.

  • Controlled production cycle

    We have implemented efficient production processes that allow us to maintain tight control over the entire manufacturing cycle. From raw material selection to final product packaging, we ensure that every step is carefully monitored to guarantee consistent quality and timely delivery.