Xin ZhongWei Company Successfully Participated in the 2023 Indonesia International Building Materials Exhibition

March 20 , 2024

From July 5th to 9th, 2023, Xin ZhongWei Company participated in the 2023 Indonesia International Building Materials Exhibition (INDOBUILDTECH) held at the BSD CITY Indonesia Exhibition Center in Jakarta and achieved great success.

Our company's exhibitors took a photo in front of the Indonesian booth.


It is understood that this exhibition has an exhibition area of over 40000 square meters, including products such as construction machinery, building materials, building hardware, kitchen and bathroom, HVAC, and building materials production and processing equipment. It is the most recognized international building materials comprehensive exhibition in Southeast Asia. In the 5-day exhibition, XinZhongwei Company made its debut with a vibrant and minimalist design style. After careful preparation, with its environmentally friendly new materials, LVT plastic flooring and SPC stone plastic flooring with high cost-effectiveness, it attracted the attention of numerous foreign merchants and reached multiple cooperation intentions.

On site at the Indonesian booth.


Many international customers have praised the XinZhongwei products, that whether it is the appearance design, color, or process innovation, technical standards, etc., all reflect the international first-class level, is a set of "environmental protection", high appearance level, high quality and cost-effective innovative products, and reached a number of cooperation intentions.

LVT plastic floor and SPC stone plastic floor, the main raw materials of which are PVC, are tested to be free of any Radioactive element and belong to new green and environmentally friendly ground decoration materials. The thickness of the floor is only 2-3mm, and the weight per square meter is only 2-3KG. Compared to wooden floors and ceramic tiles, it is more lightweight, and the surface has undergone special high-tech processing, with very high wear resistance. In addition, plastic flooring has good anti slip properties, and compared to ordinary floor materials, it feels more astringent and less prone to slipping under sticky water conditions.


  LVT plastic flooring


    SPC (Stone plastic composite) flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly flooring developed based on high-tech LVT flooring reinforcement. It has many advantages such as zero formaldehyde, mold proof, moisture-proof, fireproof, insect proof, and simple installation. It has a variety of styles and is very suitable for personalized combinations. Therefore, in addition to attracting many professional buyers to come for business negotiations, on-site home decoration consumers have stopped to consult and expressed their satisfaction with our products, Understand logistics and transportation issues, and even reach a purchase intention on-site.


               SPC flooring has become a star product for the entire venue


    The Indonesian Building Materials Exhibition has come to an end. We appreciate the trust of new and old customers and the efforts of the exhibitors. This exhibition has been a complete success. XinZhongwei showcased its brand strength to various sectors through the international stage of the Indonesian Building Materials Exhibition. In the future, we will increase product research and innovation, continuously improve our comprehensive product competitiveness, and actively explore the international market.


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